How to create a WYSIWYG contentful ui extension

    If you are a web designer/developer and you haven’t heard of Contentful, then you are in for a treat. Contentful takes the weight out of serving content and makes designing your own content models a breeze. The service is delivered using a REST API architecture, which makes it incredibly easy to grab the content on multiple platforms (web app, mobile app, etc.). One of the nice features of Contentful is that you can create your own UI extensions to make it easier for marketers, copywriters, designers, and others who will use contentful to enter data. The UI can extend to incorporate API’s from your systems to bring in data, which…

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    Samsung Smart Things – Home Automation

    It’s been awhile since I have written a post, but I wanted to talk about Home Automation a bit. It’s a new area which I have just started to get into thanks to a friend who recommended it to me. I was looking for a home security system, but I didn’t want to go with one of the big guys (ADT, Vivint, etc.) and get stuck with paying a $40/mo fee for monitoring, etc. I started to look into Home Automation, specifically Samsung Smart Things and came across a really nice home monitoring starter kit at Amazon. This thing is just awesome!!

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    Angular JS Magazine on Flipboard

    I have been working with AngularJS for about a year now, trying to learn as much as I can about this growing framework. It’s been a wild ride and I’m going to post a summary of my likes and dislikes as I think it’s worth mentioning. In the meantime, I would invite you to check out my magazine on Flipboard which I created. It has over 100 articles that were very useful to me and could be useful to others. View my Flipboard Magazine.

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    Top 5 Angular JS Articles for the week of March 31

    During the the week of March 31th, I was very busy at work building an single page web application using AngularJS. I have been reading whatever I can find on angular JS, watching video tutorials, etc. I have 5 top articles that I would like to share this week. #1 : Displaying a Flash Notice/Failure Message I found this nice little website called Recipes with AngularJS and there are some good little tutorials which will help you get started on projects. I especially liked this on on setting up a flash notifications service in Angular. It’s quite useful for any application. #2 : Show route only after all promises are…

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    Top 5 Articles – Week of March 17th

    During the the week of March 17th, I was in the UK working on a project using AngularJS. Been really diving deep into Angular, Node and client-side templating. I did a few presentations to a group at my company about the future of JavaScript. #1 : Promises in AngularJS, Explained as a Cartoon A colleague of mine passed this article over to me to explain Promises in AngularJS. This blog post by Andy Shora provides a great explanation, definitely check it out if you are into Angular JS! #2 : How We Make Trello I love Trello, a big thanks to my colleague Luciano Diaz as he introduced me to…

  • GruntJS,  Open Source

    My First GruntJS Plugin: Bust My Cache

    GruntJS is a JavaScript Task runner that has been around for about 2+ year, at least as far as I can remember. I started playing around with GruntJS which uses Node.js about a year ago, but I ran into a bunch of issues getting it setup and the documentation wasn’t as good. Since version 0.4.x came out in February 2013, GruntJS has been gaining momentum. There are now over 2199 plugins registered on NPM, so I decided to build #2200!

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    Top 5 Articles : Week of November 25

    During the the week of November 25th, I really started to dive into Angular JS. My top 5 articles of the week are mainly about AngularJS, an MVC framework by Google. #1 : AngularJS WebInspector Extension for Chrome AngularJS seems to be gaining ground quicker than Backbone.js, or at least the support seems to be much better. Batarang is a useful Chrome Developer tool for working with AngularJS, its free and very easy to use. Check it out! #2 : Advanced Design Patterns and Best Practices In this presentation which was originally created for a conference, but has been repurposed to view on the web – the creators provide best…

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    Top 5 Things I Learned The Week of November 18

    The week of November 18 was a busy one, but I did read some interesting articles and these are the top 5 that I would like to highlight. #1 : Foundation 5 : Responsive Framework I closely follow the guys at Zurb.com, they have put out some nice software and Foundation definitely falls into that category. It’s a responsive framework, similar to Twitter Bootstrap – but focuses more on Responsive – less off a full-pattern design library. The supporting website has great documentation and is very well done, would highly suggest checking it out for your next project. #2 : Learning to Say “No” Is Part of Success I LOVE…

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    Top 5 Things I Learned The Week of November 11

    This is the kickoff post for a new weekly post Im going to start writing, I consume a lot of articles on a daily basis and would love to share the top 5 articles/tools/tutorials I have read/found with everyone. This will also give me a nice archive of links to go to. Feel free to submit your suggestions too. #1 : Learn Backbone.js Completely Im in the process of evaluating Angular JS and Backbone JS, so I have been consuming lots of articles and debates on which one to use. I came across this blog post while looking for some information on learning Backbone.js, its a good collection of different…

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    HTML5 Local Storage and Web Personalization

    I have just finished doing some research on using HTML5 Local storage instead of Cookies for website personalization and have come to the conclusion that everyone should be using HTML5 local storage in place of cookies from this point forward. The only disadvantage I have read about is browser support, local storage is supported by IE8+. If that’s not a concern, at this point it shouldn’t be as IE7 is on it’s way out the door – then start using local storage where you can.