PNG Compression for Mac – ImageOptim

I love working with PNG's because they offer true alpha transparency, with the downsides being that IE6 doesnt support alpha transparency and their file size can be not so great compared to a .jpg image. Sometimes you will see a difference of up to 100k between a .jpg and a .png. I have seen websites that use optimized .png images and have always wondered how they keep them so small. (more…)


What is it about Bad Design?

Bad DesignReally, what is it about bad design that draws people in. I have been thinking perhaps someone needs to tell someone that they dont have what it takes and they shouldn’t be designing. How much of design is something that is inside of you. Can anyone become a designer? Read more…

CSS/Web Standards

web 2.0 awards

Would you like to see some really cool sites on the web? Well check out the web 2.0 awards. Web 2.0 Awardsloan history credit uk people adversediego san loan agent signing certifiedindiana loans agriculturealberta loan car cheapamerican express loan caramerican salt loans city lakepayday fax loan quick 10 14rehabs loan Read more…